Matt Black, affectionately known as Matt Black of Hollywood, has been hailed as one of the industry’s brightest new faces.

"Matt’s classic charm melts seemlessly with his smoldering edge and old-world style, creating a truly unique and memorable marvel in the new Hollywood."

-Devore/West Studios

Matt spent his early years as a musician, choreographer, and clinician in the worlds of Drum Corps. International and Winter Guard International. Matt’s extensive collaboration within the mediums, championed the transformation of these already technically superior arts, into large-scale spectacle, eventually finding themselves front and center in Broadway’s "Blast!," garnering a Tony Award for Best Theatrical Event.

Afterwards, Matt continued to choreograph and design as he traveled and furthered his education. Upon his arrival in Southern California, Matt took some time away to complete his Theatre Degree at Northridge University. He spent time working with Director Jules Aaron, Choreographer Kay Cole, and lent his talents to Garry Marshall’s Falcon Theatre production of "A Twilight Romance," featuring Robert Mandan and Katherine Helmond. Matt would then venture to perform on the Hollywood stage in Elephant Stageworks' "Jesus' Kid Brother," nominated for several Los Angeles Drama Critics' Circle Awards.

Since, Matt has worked technically, on-stage, and in front of the camera. Matt is steeped in the histories of world art and theatre. He currently enjoys performing seminars on the industry for actors and designers, special event production, digital imaging, digital production, and sound design.

Matt has also enjoyed a solid relationship within the corporate and entertainment industries. Some past associations include: A Traveling Jewish Theatre Company, A.C.T., The Playground, Unnatural Acts S.F., The Disney Company, Gap Inc., Apple Inc., London's Fashion Film Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many Shakespearian and Greek theatre organizations.